Terry's Pages
Welcome to my page about the things I
like and do.  Besides working at the
Bauer Company as a dispatcher, I have
several hobbies that take up my extra
time.  I enjoy the middle ages by
belonging to the SCA (Society for
Creative Anachronism), which is where
I met my wife Patricia.
   We attend the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Worthington, where Patty is
in the choir and I am Vice President of
the church council.
   Twice a year I also help co-ordinate
the Circle of Swords bi-annual gaming
conventions in Butler.  We host many
role playing games, card games, and
several miniature tournaments.
   In my spare time I do all kinds of
computer work.  From new systems to
repairs on older ones.
Go to my page for
BELSki computers.
Our Wedding pictures.
Link to the SCA main
Link to the Circle of
Swords Gaming guild
Go here to see my
pictures from Pennsic
and other SCA events
Pictures from Conneaut
Lake Park.
Link to the Bauer
Company's web site.